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I really appreciated Heather's approach and openness to discussing examples and topics related to the work place and the volunteer setting. I particularly liked the ways we explored saying "no" and having healthy limits. I enjoyed all the exercises and learned so much about healthy communication. Thank you Heather,
Shirley, Palliative Care Workshop

Heather has been an excellent teacher/facilitator in the non-violent communication (NVC) workshop. She has managed to bring a disparate group of people together to learn about the fundamentals of NVC and she has coached us to put these principles into practice. I am often confounded with a reluctance to confront people when in a difficult situation. I have learned from this method that there is a way to approach people in an honest yet tactful manner which leaves me feeling good about myself and others more aware of what is behind the conflict (rather than on the defensive). It doesn't happen overnight but I am encouraged and excited about developing my communication skills.
Deborah, Nonviolent Communication workshop

Heather's workshops were simple and clearly laid out. I really enjoyed the role plays although I found them difficult at first. Heather helped us to become more aware of signs our own body gives us and how to name our feelings . She really listened to us and I learned a lot about compassionate communications. I highly recommend Heather's workshops.
Michael, Business workshop

Heather is a master communicator and teaches how to communicate with heart, authenticity and grace. She transmits her wisdom on how to connect from the heart and shares concrete tools on how to effectively communicate to meet and satisfy not only personal needs but those of others as well. This is an empowering life skill that everyone will benefit from. I highly recommend NVC with Heather! It is a small investment, well worth it, that will yield high returns in your life, both personal and professional. .
Marie, Nonviolent Communication workshop

Heather always finds a creative way to approach the training. She is inventive and enthusiastic. I always look forward to her workshops. She conveys a sense of presence, care and fun. Her background in the theatre means she is really comfortable in front of a group of people. I can't wait to take more of her sessions.
Pamela, Nonviolent Communication trainers workshop

I am very grateful for the enriching process that Heather shared with me in the NVC 4 week seminar. Learning the tools that NVC offers brought to me timely assets that I found myself putting into practice repeatedly in my day to day work and family life. Heather's clear and personalized guidance in this learning journey was so valuable! Not to mention Heather's passion for these teachings!
Ann Michelle, Five week small group workshop

Heather is an attentive and careful teacher. As a mother of young children attending her parent support group, I have found Heather's warmth and wisdom shine like a ray of hope into the mess and muddle of middle-life. Her gentle guidance and un-waivering gaze at the core of parent-child interactions is like a beacon of awareness shining on the lives of all us lucky enough to come within her circle. As a mother and grandmother herself, she brings real experience and empathy to her role, as well as a resolute dedication to the principles of non-violent communication.
Freya, NVC Parent Group

Heather is a very skilled and experienced Nonviolent Communications facilitator. She is caring, compassionate and offers really interesting workshops. I use all I learnt with her in my professional work as well as at home with my family. I found using NVC empathy particularly helpful with my teenage son and a great skill to have.
Joanne, Business owner and health professional

Your workshop was beautifully and intimately presented, providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for 4 people, who had never met one another, to share difficult personal experiences and benefit from the challenge you put to us and from the input of others who were learning to rise to that challenge.
A HUGE THANK YOU, Heather!, Rosemary